A close-up of the snood I’m knitting. It’s made from mixed dyed wool and is incredibly soft.


Whaaaaaaat! Probably one of the most impressive things I’ve seen for a while! James Mylne uses biro and only biro, with tiny dots and that is it. Exceptional talent.

It’s the cancer charity Macmillan’s ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’ today and thousands of cake lovers all over the UK are providing their stuffy offices with some  amazing (and some disastrous) baked delights to raise money for the cause. My office haven’t done bad at all! I donated a pound so I think that entitles me to two Bakewell tarts! Go to this link to find out how you can help.

You know when nothing you listen to fits your mood, well listen to this guy. His compositions will capture you throughout, wherever you are.

I was listening to some hipster radio station this morning and found this little beauty. Not always a fan of Lana Del Rey’s dulcet tones but this one is GOOD! Bobby Womack still has it!

The new Fleetwood Mac? These guys are just what I need to take me into the autumnal months…